At Grand Hotel Struer we do offer Corporate Client Agreements, which means that if you have a business and you need accommodation in Struer on a regular basis, you have the possibility of signing a Corporate Client Agreement with us that gives you special discounts.

When you make a Corporate Client Agreement with us, we naturally activate the agreement in our system, so you can book through our website and see the current price immediately.

Contact us today and hear about your future Corporate Client Agreement at tel. 97850400 or

Are you and your company often in need of hotel accommodations around Denmark?

If you and your company often need hotel accommodations around Denmark, we will suggest that you become members of the Small Danish Hotels Corporate Client Agreement. Here you will be guaranteed the best prices – not only at our hotel, but also for all other hotels that are members of Small Danish Hotels. Of course, we ensure that our agreement with you is in their system as well.

With Small Danish Hotels you will be guaranteed the best rates on the day at all hotels – and that’s the price you get the discount on.

This means that your total discounted price will always be cheaper than booking through online booking portals. Moreover – the employees are also rewarded with points in the Benefits Loyalty Program. The points can be used for booking another night at a hotel, dinner in the restaurant, etc.